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Objectives/Vison/Mission/Core-Values of Arua Diocese

Arua Diocese Strategic objectives (2018-2021)

At the beginning of 2018, Arua Diocese initiated a professional approach to advance its desired future of evangelization and charity for all, by adopting astrategic plan (2018-2021). The strategic planning process commenced with a four-day retreat of the Diocesan Administration, Heads of Departments and Consultors who laid the framework for thestrategic plan. The retreat was succeeded by a series of curia meetings and departmental sessions to ensure inclusiveness in drawing departmental strategic objectives and action points that in general provided direction for the entire Diocese.

The Strategic Plan gave rise to the first Vision and Mission Statement, and the first all-inclusive set of Core Valuesfor Arua Diocese. The Diocese contracted a consultant to provide professional guidance through the entire strategic planning process. The Arua Diocese Strategic Planwas launched on May 31, 2018 during the closure of the Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC) summit at Christus Center Arua.


Arua Diocese Strategic objectives (2018-2021)

1. Strengthening Christian families through catechesis
2. Better-trained and motivated Pastoral Agents
3. Better-trained and motivated Pastoral Agents
4. Improved vocations for Priesthood and Religious Life
5. Proper implementation of the fifth synod
6. Improved donor relations
7. Strengthen Youth Groups, Chaplains, and Animators
8. Bolstering self-reliance
9. Registration of Diocesan lands
10. Improved listenership, active social media presence for Radio Pacis and the Diocese at large
11. Improved administrative policies and structures
12. Better-quality of health and educational services

Our Vision

A Diocese inspired by the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, united, envangelized, sustainable and Missionary

Our Mission

To empower the people through the word of God, sacraments and cathechesis to be witnesses of the Good News of Christ by promoting a sustainable missionary Church for Holistic human development.

Our Core-Values

1. Sprituality
2. Love
3. Forgiveness and Justice
4. Collaboration and Team Work
5. Integrity and Accountability.