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Institutions of Arua Diocese

Media Center

The Media Centre is home to the diocesan communications department. The centre includes the studios and offices of Radio Pacis, the offices of the communications department, an internet café, the diocesan printing press, a daycare for children and a video library.

Christus Center

Christus Centre is a residential conference centre established in 1994 by Arua Diocese. Many diocesan meetings and events are hosted there. Located in Ediofe near the cathedral, the centre offers several conference halls, a chapel and a dining room. Accommodation includes 3 dormitories and 14 self-contained rooms. The conference centre welcomes diocesan groups and other interested groups.

Daniel Comboni Youth Center

Daniel Comboni Youth Centre is located in Ediofe next to the Christus Centre. Established by the diocesan youth department in 1997, the centre was designed to be a gathering point for youth. The centre houses the diocesan youth department offices and offers meeting space and accommodation to the public.

Catholic Centre Cafeteria Estate

Catholic Centre Cafeteria Estate is an office complex located next to Christ the King Parish in Arua Town. The estate provides office and retail space for rent as a source of income for the diocese. The original centre was destroyed during the war; the new two-story complex was re-established in 1993 with cooperation from the donor agencies Misereor and DKA. The complex houses PAX insurance, a Centenary Bank ATM, and a diocesan restaurant well-known in the community as “the cafeteria’.

Maracha Pastoral Training Center

Maracha Pastoral Training Centre was established 1984 for the training of catechists. Located near Maracha Parish, the centre offers a one-year, residential training course for catechists and other lay leaders of the diocese.

Lodonga SPACE (Spiritual Pastoral Center)

Lodonga SPACE (Spiritual Pastoral Centre) is home to the Pastoral Training Centre and the Cenacle retreat house. Established in 1992 near Lodonga Basilica, the Pastoral Training Centre offers a two-year, residential training course for catechists and other lay leaders of the diocese. Established in 1999, the Cenacle retreat house offers facilities for retreats, including accommodation, dining hall, chapel and meeting space. The retreat house welcomes diocesan groups and other groups.

Bethany CCR Center

Bethany CCR Centre, located near Awindiri on the outskirts of Arua Town, is home to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Arua Diocese. The centre hosts the offices and events of Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Holy Cross Pilgrimage Center

Holy Cross Pilgrimage Centre was inaugurated in 2012, the centenary of faith. While the annual diocesan pilgrimage takes place there every year on September 14, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, pilgrimages are welcome at any time, particularly on the 14th of every month. The centre is located at Indriani in Adjumani Deanery, Moyo Vicariate. Indriani is the site where the first Comboni Missionaries arrived in 1912.

Don Dinho Orphanage

Don Dino Orphanage was established in 2001. Located in Ediofe, the institution offers education, Health Services. St. Kizito Orphanage primary school is both day & Boarding School and well known in westnile and uganda as top school that gives quality learning to the Learners, a chapel and a health centre called St. Assumpta Health Center III.

Moyo Babies' Home

Moyo Babies Home was established in 1948. Located near Moyo Parish Church, the home is operated by the Sacred Sisters of Moyo.

Arua Diocese House Gbaba

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Pokea Seminary

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Moyo Multipurpose Hall

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Adjumani Multipurpose Hall

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