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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Arua Diocese

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

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  • The Diocese of Arua is located in the northwestern part (also known as the West Nile region) of Uganda. The Diocese is bordered to the north by Catholic Diocese of Torit and the Diocese of Yei (both in South Sudan); to the south by Nebbi Catholic Diocese (Uganda); to the east by Gulu Archdiocese (Uganda);and to the west by Diocese of Mahagi-Nioka (in Democratic Republic of Congo). The Diocese covers nine civil districts and one City: Adjumani, Arua,Arua-city, Koboko, Maracha, Moyo, Obongi, Terego, Yumbe and parts of Zombo.
  • The territory of Arua Diocese was originally part of Gulu Diocese. Erected as a Diocese on June 23, 1958, The Catholic Diocese of Nebbi was erected on March 15, 1996.
  • The diocesan headquarter and the Cathedral is located at Ediofe Mission, Arua City, Uganda and East Africa, The Cathedral is called Sacred Heart of Jesus Ediofe Cathedral.


  • it's Patrons are the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady, Mediatrix of all Graces.
  • The first Bishop of Arua Diocese was Rt. Rev. Angelo Tarantino of the Comboni Missionaries. He served from 1958 to 1984.
  • The second Bishop of Arua Diocese was Rt. Rev. Frederick Drandua, first served as Apostolic Administrator and then was consecrated Bishop of Arua on August 15, 1986.He served until his retirement on August 19, 2009.
  • The third and current Bishop of Arua Diocese, Rt. Rev. Sabino Ocan Odoki, was consecrated a Bishop on October 21, 2006 when he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Gulu Archdiocese. On August 19, 2009, he was appointed Apostolic Administrator of Arua Diocese. He was then appointed Bishop of Arua Diocese on October 20, 2010.


  • The area of Arua Diocese is 4,046 square miles or 10,561 square kilometers with an approximate population of 3,396,989 people. Approximately 2,361,300 Catholics reside in the Diocese. The Diocese has 60 parishes organized into 11 deaneries (Adjumani Deanery, Aripea Deanery, Arivu Deanery, Ediofe Deanery, Lodonga Deanery,Maracha Deanery, Moyo Deanery, Obongi Deanery, Ombaci Deanery, Otumbari Deanery, Pakele Deanery ) and 4 Vicariates (Ediofe Vicariate, Lodonga Vicariate, Moyo Vicariate, Refugees and Migrants Vicariate) and a total of 727 Chapels in the Diocese .
  • There are 187 priests (including Bishop), Diocesan Priests: 139, Priests belonging to Religious Institutes of Diocesan Right: 20, Priests Belonging to Religious Institutes of Pontifical Right: 23, Priests from other Diocese working in Arua Diocese: 5, Religious Women (sisters): 170, Religious Men (brothers): 40 , Catechists: 1066 work in Diocese of Arua
  • Daily Mass is celebrated Monday-Saturday at 7:00 Am- 8:00 Am in the Cathedral Church
  • Day:Saturdays
    Time: 3:00 Pm - 6:00 Pm
    Location:Ediofe Cathedral Church
    Our Sunday Mass Programs are as follows:

  • 7:00 A.m.Local Language

  • 9:00 A.m.English Language

  • 11:00 A.m.Local Language
  • The Cathedral of Arua Dioces performs Wedding and Baptism.Please notify the Parish Priest office for such arrangements by calling the Telephone Number: +267-77.....We'll gladly remember your intention on that important day.
  • The Cathedral is only opened on Saturday during Confessions, Sundays during Mass hours after that The Cathedral remains Closed.And the Cathedral is also open on some special programing of which the office of the Parish Priest is notified
  • Visiting Bishop's office is strictly on Appointment and you can get in touch with Secretary of the Bishop for arrangements.
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