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Doctrine Department


Rev.Fr. Peter Debo

National Excutive Secretary


Rev.Fr. Felix Epima

Diocesan Excutive Secretary

                   About Doctrine Department

The Department of the Doctrine of faith assists the Bishop and pastoral agents in promoting and safe guarding the teaching of Catholic Church in matters of faith and morals.

At universal level, it's the oldest of the Nine Curia's Congregation founded by Pope Paul the III in 1952.
It has four commissions;

1. Pontifical Commission (Eclesia Dei)

2. Pontifical Biblical Commission

3. International Theological Commission

4. Commission for Catechism of the Catholic Church

At Uganda Episcopal Conference, The Members of the Doctrine Commission are;

1. Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki-Chairman

2. Arch Bishop Emmanuel Obbo-Vice Chairman


At departmental level, Fr. Peter Debo is the National Excutive Secretary, Fr. Felix Epima is the Diocesan Excutive Secretary appointed effective January 1st 2020.

MISSION (What the Department is expected to go and do)

To implement Christ's Command " to evangelize all people" (Cfr Mt 28:19-20) according to Christian values especially from Roman Catholic Perspective.

VISION (What the Department wants to see happen)

A community truly living according to the teaching of the Roaman Catholic Church

CORE VALUES (What we cheris or esteem most)

1. Respect for human dignity

2. Authentic Roman Catholic Doctrine and practice of faith

3. Authentic Roman Catholic morality

MOTTO (Rule of behavior)

Sincere adherence to Authentic Devine Teaching

GOAL (what we want to achieve)

To discern ideologies that favor or oppose Roman Catholic Faith and Morals so as to guide and teach people authentic Faith and Morals and promote human diginity and human rights.


Doctrine Department

P.O. Box 135 ,

Arua-City, Uganda.

Tel: +256 774 526 198

Email: felixepima@yahoo.com

Email: doctrine@dioceseofarua.org

Website: www.dioceseofarua.org/Department

Doctrine Department Committees

Msgr. Casto Adeti
Vicar Genaral
Rev.Fr. Norbert Azale
Rev.Fr. James Edema
Pastoral Coordinator
Rev.Fr. Dada Romano
Parish Priest Ombaci
Rev.Fr. Kizito Yandu
Curate Ediofe Parish
Rev.Fr. Robert Ojama
Curate Ajia Parish
Rev.Sr. Scovia Kengalga
Ass. Education Secretary
Rev.Fr. Augustine Bayo
Director Lodonga Space